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TypeWorkshop IDWorkshop NameContactPriceFirst Mtg.
ILT SP1735576 2017 Central Texas mini-CAST (Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching) Liz Gaestel $70.00 1/28/2017
ILT SP1734315 Academic Achievement Record: Leaving a Clear Trail 2016-17 Elizabeth Danner $45.00 1/25/2017
ILT SP1734259 Advancing Educational Leadership Janet Palms $400.00 1/25/2017
ILT SP1735902 Apex AM Spring: Intermediate/Advanced Users Leslie Barrett Free 1/23/2017
ILT SP1735903 Apex PM Spring: Novice Users Leslie Barrett Free 1/23/2017
ILT SP1736098 Best Practices in Classroom Management Linda Kutach $85.00 1/23/2017
ILT SP1735152 Bus Driver Training 20-Hour Certification (2016-2017) Bastrop Harry Reed $100.00 1/21/2017
ILT SP1734857 Bus Driver Training 8-Hour Certification (2016-2017) Austin Saegert Harry Reed $50.00 1/28/2017
ILT SP1736087 CACFP New Meal Pattern For Adults Dianet Lopez Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1736088 CACFP: Food Production Records For Adult Day Care Dianet Lopez Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1735307 CANCELED: Bus Driver Training 8-Hour Certification (2016-2017) Smithville Harry Reed $50.00 1/21/2017
ILT SP1736058 CNP: Food Production Records Robin Martelli Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1735711 Counting Skills in Pre-K, Much More than 1, 2, 3 Erika Pozo $50.00 1/24/2017
ILT SP1735344 DHH Itinerant Teacher Meeting Elaine Young Free 1/24/2017
ILT SP1734761 Discovering Physical Sciences Through a Child's Eye Erika Pozo $50.00 1/24/2017
ILT SP1734533 District Testing Coordinator Training Ashlie Scott Free 1/27/2017
ILT SP1734473 Early Childhood Leaders Network - Jan. 2017 Erika Pozo Free 1/26/2017
ILT SP1735674 Explicit Instruction: Lesson Design that Promotes Classroom Management Kim Watts $135.00 1/26/2017
ILT SP1736054 HR Coop 2016-2017: January Meeting ShaTina Telford $85.00 1/26/2017
ILT SP1735371 Keeping It Legal and Ethical in Texas Gena Helton $200.00 1/24/2017
ILT SP1735496 Math STAAR Target Workshop- Grade 3 Mary Headley $85.00 1/24/2017
ILT SP1735744 Middle School STAAR Science: Strategies for Teaching Space Science (Gr. 6-8) Dee Dee Monagas $85.00 1/25/2017
ILT SP1735974 Persuasive Reading and Writing: Grades 9-12 Laura Varney $85.00 1/27/2017
ILT SP1734773 Project Pathway Cheryl Myers $100.00 1/28/2017
ILT SP1736213 Restorative Discipline (RD) Awareness Session Angela Isenberg Free 1/23/2017
ILT SP1735819 Sensory Integration and Students with Visual Impairments Beverly Jackson Free 1/23/2017
ILT SP1734644 STAAR-Ready Science: Just In Time PD for Teaching Life Science Cynthia Holcomb $85.00 1/26/2017
ILT SP1736079 TExES Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test Training (January 2017) Debbie Leyva $185.00 1/26/2017
ILT SP1734603 Together We Are Better: Family Engagement Conference Sherry DiMarco $75.00 1/28/2017
ILT SP1734415 Wilson Reading System Introductory Workshop Judy Butler $550.00 1/25/2017
ILT SP1735919 Writing in the Math Classroom: Did I Get It Write? Susan Hemphill $85.00 1/24/2017