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TypeWorkshop IDWorkshop NameContactPriceFirst Mtg.
ILT SP1735712 2+2=4? What does addition and subtraction look like in Pre-k? Erika Pozo $50.00 2/28/2017
ILT SP1736360 AI/VI/ECI Network Meeting Elaine Young Free 2/27/2017
ILT SP1734357 Better Conversations with Dr. Jim Knight Gina Alligood $175.00 2/21/2017
ILT SP1736136 Bilingual Dyslexia Assessment 2017 Katharine Muller $85.00 2/22/2017
ILT SP1734889 BMC - Coop Critical Issue Session (Face to Face) Sonny Monroe $150.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1735492 Building Fraction Fluency Gr. 2-5 Mary Headley $85.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1735159 Bus Driver Training 8-Hour Certification (2016-2017) Bastrop Harry Reed $50.00 2/25/2017
ILT SP1734875 Bus Driver Training 8-Hour Certification (2016-2017) Round Rock ISD Harry Reed $50.00 2/25/2017
ILT SP1736142 CNP: : Meal Appeal University for Managers and Cooks Kelly Waldron Free 2/25/2017
ILT SP1736143 CNP: Meal Appeal University for Directors Kelly Waldron Free 2/24/2017
ILT SP1736217 Conscious Discipline Albert Felts $110.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1736226 Crucial Conversations: Leadership Training For Talking When Stakes Are High April Briscoe $420.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1734762 Discovering Earth and Space Through a Child's Eye Erika Pozo $50.00 2/28/2017
ILT SP1734539 Federal & State Program Updates, Including McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance/ Transportation Meeting Jennifer Womack $80.00 2/28/2017
ILT SP1735911 Istation PM Spring: STAAR Connections Leslie Barrett Free 2/21/2017
ILT SP1736420 Just in Time for STAAR - EOC I and II Megan Beth Hedgecock $85.00 2/22/2017
ILT SP1736422 Just in Time for STAAR Reading - 5th and 8th Grade Megan Beth Hedgecock $85.00 2/28/2017
ILT SP1736126 Language and More! Katharine Muller $85.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1736160 Math STAAR Target Workshop- Algebra I Susan Hemphill $85.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1735773 Middle School STAAR Science: Comprehensive STAAR Review Dee Dee Monagas $85.00 2/23/2017
ILT SP1734774 Project Pathway Cheryl Myers $100.00 2/25/2017
ILT SP1736303 Region 13 We Teach CS Kickoff Shawna Wiebusch Free 2/21/2017
ILT SP1734077 Restorative Discipline Coordinator Training Albert Felts Free 2/27/2017
ILT SP1735665 SAMA Facilitator 5 Day Course (Trainer) Maryteresa Tracy $905.00 2/27/2017
ILT SP1734671 SAMA: Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression, Basic 16 hour course Angela Isenberg $110.00 2/22/2017
ILT SP1735633 Science TRC Meeting #5 Dee Dee Monagas $90.00 2/25/2017
ILT SP1734630 TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System) 2017 Nancy Sanchez Free 2/28/2017
ILT SP1735812 TRC- 2016 Math Saturday Workshop #3 Interactive Notebooking Susan Hemphill $150.00 2/25/2017
ILT SP1735914 TTM AM Spring: Novice Users Leslie Barrett Free 2/22/2017
ILT SP1735915 TTM PM Spring: Intermediate/Advanced Users Leslie Barrett Free 2/22/2017
ILT SP1736428 TxEIS HOT - Navarro ISD Terri Gonzales $200.00 2/21/2017
ILT SP1736158 Write for Texas TLA Spring Summit 2017 Laura Varney Free 2/25/2017