ASCENDER: Grade Averaging & Class Rank
Online, On-Demand Recording
3.00 CPE Credits  

Making sure grades and averages are correct are the primary reasons for this training course. Ensuring that all tables and data are correct based on policy will minimize the questions and concerns for campus administrators and counselors in having to deal with, and answer questions from the extremely involved parents regarding grades and the processes used for calculating grades. 

Included in the training will be:

  • a review of campus level grade reporting options
  • verification of grade average tables for numeric and grade point grade averaging
  • verification of courses in the district master schedule
  • a review of how to enter and verify student exceptions
  • a discussion on the process of adding prior year course data for transfer and summer school students
  • a demonstration and discussion of how to run the Grade Averaging and Class Ranking Utility
  • a review of the steps and reports to utilize in verifying student data accuracy
  • a demonstration and discussion on the process of running the Cumulative Grade Averaging and Class Ranking utility

In addition, discussions and a demonstration of the Historical Grade Averaging and Class Ranking Utility (if changes are needed after the fact) will be a tremendous help for future reference.

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Online, On-Demand Recording

CPE Credits: 3.00  
Registration Closes: 9/1/2024
Starts: 10/16/2023