MTSS+: Merging Explicit Instruction with Dyslexia Strategies for All Students (In-Person at Region 13)
Developing Educators in the Art of Learning
This course is aligned to the Effective School Framework Prioritized Lever 5 EA 5.1: Objective-driven daily lesson plans with formative assessments.

The course will be a cohort model with district/school teams of up to 10 people. The focus is to grow expert educators in the area of explicit instruction of ALL students INCLUDING those with dyslexia. 

Teams will participate in professional development centered on how to create daily objectives, increase active engagement, use a "perky" pace, scaffolded instructional activities, and effectively use formative assessment with an exemplar response. During our time together, teams will learn, practice, and implement the 16 Elements of Effective Instruction in order to build expertise and confidence while meeting the needs of all students including students with dyslexia and other reading challenges. We will look at lesson design and implementation when teaching: facts, skills or strategies, vocabulary terms or concepts, and rules.

A day of coaching (virtual &/ in person) will follow each day of professional development (3 total days). Coaching will include:

  • Classroom observations
  • Time to share artifacts & lesson plans
  • Developing a blueprint to share learning with other school/district educators

Cohorts will receive 3 copies of Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching, by Dr. Anita L. Archer, PhD., and Dr. Charles A. Hughes, PhD.  

The focus of professional development will include:

9/23/2021 | Merging Explicit Instruction with Dyslexia Strategies for All Students - Lesson Design

11/4/21 | Merging Explicit Instruction with Dyslexia Strategies for All Students - Engagement

2/10/2021 | Merging Explicit Instruction with Dyslexia Strategies for All Students - Assessment

To register for the course, sign up one member of the cohort team. Contact Kim Watts (512.919.5364) to receive a discount code to be used to register the remaining team members free of charge.


Teachers, Administrators, Curriculum Coaches, Special Education Teachers, Interventionists
Kim Watts & Tanya Hope
English Language Arts & Reading (ELAR), Bilingual/ESL, Elementary, Mathematics, High School, Diverse Populations, Effective Schools Framework - 5.1, Reading, Administration/Leadership, Instructional Coaching, Charter School, MTSS - Multi-Tier System of Supports, Special Education, Differentiation, Instructional Strategies, Science, Literacy, Behavior and Discipline, Response to Intervention (RTI), Social Studies
1 - Planning, T-TESS 2 - Instruction, T-TESS 3 - Learning Environment, T-TESS

CPE Credits: 18.00  
Registration Closes: 9/23/2021
Education Service Center Region 13
5701 Springdale Road
Austin, TX 78723
Thu. 9/23/2021 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Thu. 11/4/2021 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Thu. 2/10/2022 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Starts: 9/16/2021
Ends: 4/29/2022