Cultures of Dignity

Based on over twenty years of teaching and constant feedback from today’s generation of young people, Rosalind Wiseman’s presentation is a call for action to transform the way we understand youth culture and create communities where children can thrive. From young people’s friendships, social media use, gossip, drama, bullying, and the constant pressure to “keep up,” she’ll share how children and teens develop their sense of self and guide their decision making in everything from their academic choices, friends, and how they manage conflict. In addition, she’ll give concrete advice to parents and educators so they, in turn, can guide their children through the normal yet challenging problems young people face– while avoiding the common communication breakdowns and power struggles between children and adults. 

Join us for this one day conference featuring Rosalind Wiseman and Charlie Kuhn. Rosalind Wiseman has been listening to, and occasionally arguing with young people about everything and anything that’s important to them for the past twenty years. All of her work is based on the belief that young people’s experiences are important but often discounted and that adults often give young people advice without listening to them first.

Participants will receive a copy of  Owning Up-Empowering Adolescents to Confront Social Cruelty, Bullying, and Injustice. 


In order for young people to learn, they must feel emotionally and physically safe. They must feel that they can handle the inevitable social conflicts they will experience with some degree of self mastery. They must have confidence that the adults who teach them are competent and care about their well-being. But it’s equally true that young people are often skeptical about any educational program that cover these issues because what we teach them often falls far short of what they need. They sit through unrealistic assemblies and programs on character building, social conflict, technology and bullying that don’t reflect the complexity of the issues they face or include them as an essential part of the process to create solutions. At the same time, there’s never been more need and calls for incorporating social emotional learning into students’ educational experience. 

The Owning Up Curriculum was developed with direct feedback from students and educators to reflect what they say and want in an SEL curricula. The seventeen lesson plans are flexible, dynamic, and respectful of educator’s knowledge of their students and communities. Owning Up can be used in a single sex or mixed gender classes and designed for different learning styles and learning environments. It can be used in existing programs or as a full program; whether as its own class or implemented in an advisor program or health and social studies classes. 

Participants will learn to do the following: 

  • Create an implementation strategy to ensure maximum buy-in with students 
  • Design a program that best suits the logistical and subject area requirements for their school or organization 
  • Understand the connections between adolescent development and group dynamics among teens 
  • Teach the connections between sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms discrimination, bigotry, and other forms of social cruelty 
  • Empower the students with the knowledge to effectively intervene in social conflicts with their peers 

In addition to the lesson plans, participants will also receive the following supportive materials:

  • A program overview
  • An educator guide
  • A pre/post survey
  • Templates for correspondence with parents and other educators. 

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administrators, central office staff, behavior specialist, special education directors, general education teachers,
School Safety, Interventions, Counseling Services, Leadership, At-Risk, Behavior and Discipline, Safe and Drug Free Schools, High School
3 - Learning Environment, T-TESS 3.3 - Learning Environment: Classroom Culture 4 - School Culture, T-PESS 4.4B - Clear expectations for adult, T-PESS staff, T-PESS and student conduct

CPE Credits: 6.00  
Registration Closes: 10/3/2017 10:00 am
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Tue. 10/3/2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm