Technology Tools and Tips for Inclusive Classrooms - On Demand

This course is aligned to the Effective School Framework Prioritized Lever 5 Essential Action 5.1: Objective-driven daily lesson plans with formative assessments.

Learn how to enhance instruction and improve student outcomes by meaningfully integrating technology into your inclusive classroom no matter the setting- in school or online learning.

We will explore a variety of technology tools for formative assessment, differentiated instruction, and instructional accommodations (several that are allowable for eligible students on STAAR).

Examples of tools we will investigate are: built-in accessibility features of operating systems and websites, text-to-speech, Immersive Reader, Edpuzzle, Insert Learning, HyperDocs, and others. While these tools integrate with Google Classroom, this is not a "Google Classroom" training.  

You will have a chance to examine additional self-selected technology tools/resources relevant to your instructional arrangement and student needs.


 This workshop content applies best to grades 3 and above. 

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special education, general education, instructional leaders, assistive technology
Nichole Kertis and Kim West
Effective Schools Framework - 5.1, Assistive Technology, Progress in the General Curriculum, Charter School, Co-Teaching, Inclusion, Instructional Strategies, Teaching & Learning, Instructional Technology, Differentiation, Special Education
2 - Instruction, T-TESS 2.4 - Instruction: Differentiation
Online, On-Demand Recording

CPE Credits: 4.00  
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Starts: 11/12/2021
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