Lunch & Learn: Responding to Concerning Behavior and/or People in Distress & Navigating Difficult Personalities

Please join us as we discuss "Responding to Concerning Behavior and/or Navigating Difficult Personalities" with Rosanne McSweeney.  

Navigating Difficult Personalities:  Have you ever interacted with someone and consistently felt confused, frustrated,upset, and/or hurt?  Your interactions could be with a colleague, friend, significant other, student, or a family member.  There are people whose internal experience results in consistent impairments in functioning (distorted thinking patterns, problematic emotional responses, irregulated impulse control, interpersonal difficulties).  This presentation provides practical tips and strategies for interacting with someone whose personality consistently presents challenges or difficulties.  

Responding to Concerning Behavior and People in Distress:  The tragedy that occurred on the Virginia Tech campus in 2007 prompted a significant focus on identifying and responding to concerning behavior and people in distress.  Hindsight provided a clear picture of "warning signs" and "behavioral red flags."  What caused a lack of earlier intervention?  The challenges from years ago still exist today.  What is concerning behavior?  How do we know when someone is in distress?  How should we best respond to these sometimes murky situations?  This presentation will provide specific tools for identifying concerning behavior and ways to successfully interact with someone who is in distress.    

BIO:  Rosie McSweeney served as the Behavior Intervention Manager at the University of Texas at San Antonio prior to returning to Arizona where she currently works at Creighton University in Student Conduct and Care.  She holds three masters' degrees in Forensic Psychology, Social Work, and Mass Communication.  She has received formal training in mediation, conflict resolution, and victim advocacy.  Past professional work includes serving as a director of Student Conduct and an Assistant Dean for Case Management.  



Rosie McSweeney
Counseling Services, Elementary, High School, Safe and Drug Free Schools, Behavior and Discipline, School Safety
Online, Live Broadcast

CPE Credits: 3.00  
Registration Closes: 4/5/2023
Thu. 4/6/2023 - 9:00am to 12:00pm