SY 22-23 Parent and Family Engagement: Module 4 – Building Capacity (Virtual Attendance)

This training will be the fourth of 4 trainings hosted by ESC Region 13 for Title I, Part A, Parent and Family Engagement. These hybrid meetings will be focused on federal grant requirements and state requirements for Title I, Part A, Parent and Family Engagement (PFE).

This course number is to register for virtual/Zoom attendance only. If you would like to register to attend in-person, please go to course number SP2347940 to register.

Once you have registered, you can follow the directions provided at the following link for guidance on how to find the Zoom link information.

The objectives of SY 22-23 Parent and Family Engagement: Module 4 – Building Capacity are:

  • Identify capacity building requirements under ESSA.
  • Identify the guiding principles for capacity building.
  • Identify the links between your PFE policy and your capacity building efforts.
  • Create a list of potential parent training opportunities.
  • Understand parental rights.
  • Understand Best Practice Expo opportunities and resources
  • Explore resources focused on PFE.


For those of you who are attending the meeting in-person or in a conference room, please have your computer available so that you can follow along with the links throughout our interactions.

Consider being prepared to participate in the discussion of the following questions:

  • What accessibility adjustments could you consider?
  • What parent training has your LEA provided in the past?
  • How successful were they?
  • How can we make them more effective or improve them?
  • How can we expand upon our capacity building?

Recommendation for who should attend from your LEA: We recommend you have a team attendance of the key stakeholders involved in Parent and Family Engagement at both your LEA/district level and your campus levels. This could include your federal programs staff, your central office PFE staff, your principals, your campus level PFE Staff, any parent liaisons, and/or a superintendent responsible for approving and authorizing your PFE policies and procedures.

Federal Program Staff, Administration, Leadership, Charter Schools, Principals, Central Office PFE Staff, and Parent Liaisons
Sherry Harris
Administration/Leadership, Federal and State Programs, Charter School, Student Achievment, Parent Involvement, Effective Schools Framework - 3.4, Title I / other Title Programs, Leadership
Online, Live Broadcast

CPE Credits: 3.00  
Registration Closes: 4/3/2023 11:00 am
Thu. 4/6/2023 - 9:00am to 12:00pm