CANCELED - Engaging Every Learner: Leadership and Character Development Network
This session has been canceled. Please check with the workshop contact for more details or reschedule options.
ESC Region 13 - Main Campus
3.00 CPE Credits  

The student-centered instructional strategies in this Leadership and Character Development session help schools to build the most effective environment for learners, teachers, families and the entire school community. Many learners have experienced unprecedented levels of autonomy in behavioral expectations, academic learning, and time management. School personnel must create engaging environments, steeped in purpose and belonging, with the ultimate goal of building self-efficacy in academics, social competencies, and self-regulation.

Are our current structures addressing student apathy, teacher attrition, or change management?

Learn how to use data analysis to individualize student services. Create space for stakeholder voices to be heard and for powerful self-narratives to be created and shared. Learn how leadership is indispensable in producing learners who are global citizens ready for the college, career, military, or trade challenges of the future. 




Instructional Coaches, Teachers, Administrators, Behavior
Paula Freeman, Ph.D.
Mental Health, Behavior and Discipline, School Wellness, College and Career Readiness, Effective Schools Framework - 3.1, Instructional Coaching
1 - Planning, T-TESS 2 - Instruction, T-TESS 3 - Learning Environment, T-TESS 1.3 - Planning: Knowledge of Students 1 - Instructional Leadership, T-PESS 4 - School Culture, T-PESS 1.1D - Ensures growth of individual students

CPE Credits: 3.00  
Registration Closes: 10/10/2023 5:00 pm
ESC Region 13 - Main Campus
5701 Springdale Rd.
Austin, TX 78723
Wed. 10/11/2023 - 9:00am to 12:00pm