Gifted and Talented: Choice Boards for Advanced Learners Online Course
Online Course, Self-directed
6.00 CPE Credits   GT Credits  
This self-directed online course meets the six hour professional development requirement for teachers who serve gifted and talented students.

Choice Boards are one instructional tool that can be used to modify and adapt curriculum to meet the needs of advanced learners in the classroom.  In this course, we will develop a choice board that offers depth and complexity of thought for all students including advanced learners.

The learning modules in this course include:

  • Overview of Differentiation
  • How to Create a Choice Board
  • Board Types
  • Activities that Promote Depth and Complexity

Gifted and Talented (G/T)
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 6.00   GT Credits: 6.00  
Registration Closes: 8/30/2024
Starts: 9/1/2023
Ends: 8/31/2024