2024 Texas Autism Conference | Family Day
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Family Day for the 32nd annual Texas Autism Conference will provide families, educators, campus leadership, and individuals with autism with strategies, resources, tools, and evidence-based practices in the education and service of persons with autism.
El Día de la Familia para la 32nd Conferencia Anual de Autismo de Texas ofrecerá a las familias, educadores, liderazgo de campus e individuos con autismo estrategias, recursos, herramientas y prácticas basadas en evidencia en la educación y servicio de personas con autismo.

We invite parents, guardians, and caretakers to join our June 22, 2024 sessions free of charge. These sessions are geared towards parenting and caretaker topics that improve the lives of our students and children with autism. 
Invitamos a padres, tutores y cuidadores a unirse a nuestras sesiones del 22 de junio de 2024 sin costo alguno. Estas sesiones están dirigidas a temas de crianza y cuidado que mejoran la vida de nuestros estudiantes y niños con autismo. 

Registering for this event only grants access to content on June 22, 2024. You will not have access to the content on June 20 and 21. If you have registered for the full conference, you do not need to register for Family Day.
Registrarse en este evento solo otorga acceso al contenido del Día de la Familia el 22 de junio de 2024. No tendrá acceso al contenido de la Conferencia de Autismo de Texas el 20 y 21 de junio. Si ya se ha registrado para la conferencia completa, no es necesario que se registre para el Día de la Familia.

This conference is sponsored by the Texas Education Agency and coordinated by the Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training (TSLAT) and Education Service Center Region 13.
Esta conferencia está patrocinada por la Agencia de Educación de Texas y coordinada por el Liderazgo Estatal de Texas para el Entrenamiento en Autismo (TSLAT) y el Centro de Servicios Educativos de la Región 13.

Registration Deadline:
The deadline to register for the conference is 4 pm on June 17, 2024.
Fecha límite de inscripción: 17 de junio de 2024, a las 4:00 p. m.
Registration is FREE and this day will be entirely online.
La inscripción es GRATUITA y este día será completamente en línea.

All Family Day sessions will be recorded and available for viewing on demand through 8/25/2024. Some sessions will be available in Spanish.
Bajo Demanda
Todas las sesiones del Día de la Familia serán grabadas y estarán disponibles para visualización bajo demanda hasta el 25/8/2024. Algunas sesiones estarán disponibles en español.

Sessions and Speakers - All sessions and speakers are subject to change.

College Connections: What Families Need to Know About Postsecondary Education in Texas | Presented by Elizabeth Danner

Continued learning beyond high school is essential for reaching career goals. Accessing higher education opportunities, such as college, can also establish connections and develop lasting friendships. There are no individualized education programs (IEPs) in college, so planning is essential to ensure the needed supports are available. Considerations such as disability disclosure, self-advocacy, accommodations, and specialized programs can help families build a plan for postsecondary success.

How to Improve Self-Advocacy Skills in Our Children | Presented by Adriana Crostley

This presentation provides a guide for parents seeking to support the self-advocacy of their children with Autism. We will explore key concepts, practical strategies, and valuable resources to foster independence, decision-making, and self-expression in the lives of autistic children. This presentation can also be done in Spanish with Cultural adaptation to Latinx Families.

Putting the Joy in Joint Attention:  Teaching Joint Attention Skills to Your Autistic Child | Presented by Dr. Trudy Georgio

This workshop is designed to support families by offering naturalistic, play-based behavior analytic teaching strategies to teach joint-attentional behaviors. Child-led strategies include following the child’s motivation, and embedding teaching trials in routine activities with known and preferred people in the child’s life.

Common Toileting Challenges and Evidence-Based Interventions for Students with Autism | Presented by Whitney Sherman

Students with autism often experience challenges related to toileting. Successful toileting is vital to the health and quality of life for all individuals, in all settings. In this session, we will discuss common challenges people with all degrees of autism may experience. We will also discuss evidence-based strategies for toilet training students of all ages with autism such as toileting schedules, desensitization, reinforcement, and data-driven decision-making. Participants will leave with multiple strategies to implement with their students or children in hopes of improving toilet training outcomes.

Overview of the Special Education Process: Essentials for Parents | Presented by Gracie Whitley and Sarah Untersee

For some families, special education can be a new or overwhelming idea. During this session we will provide practical resources, tips and tools that can help families understand special education basics and discover ways in which they can receive support and be involved in their student's education.

The Texas Legal Framework | Presented by Desiree Caddell and Lee Lentz-Edwards

The Texas Legal Framework is an online tool that summarizes state and federal requirements for special education by topic. It empowers those who use it to be able to provide every child the benefits of a free appropriate public education. This session will provide guidance and resources to parents and families.

Un hogar sensorial - Spanish Session | Presented by Claudia Perez

As a parent, creating a sensory home involves designing a living space that caters to the diverse needs of your children, fostering their well-being, comfort, and development. We will explore a sensory journey through the eyes of a parent. Creating a sensory home involves thoughtful consideration of your child's unique preferences and needs. Regularly assess and adjust the environment as your child grows and develops, ensuring that their sensory space remains supportive and enriching.

TSLAT Resources | Presented by Blaine Campbell

The Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training (TSLAT) works in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide training and support to educators and families touched by autism. All of our many resources are free, available to the public, and are based on evidence-based practices (EBPs) as these are what intervention science has shown is most effective in the education of people with autism. Our website has trainings and resources on varying autism topics such as behavior, communication, transition, assessment, and more. TSLAT is a network of autism specialists from the 20 education service centers across Texas who are available to support schools and parents who are serving students with autism. Come to this session and see what YOU can use today!

Registration Deadline

The deadline to register for the conference is 4 pm on June 17, 2024.


All Family Day sessions will be recorded and available for viewing on demand through 8/25/2024. All sessions will be captioned in English and in Spanish.

Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Families, Administrators, Specialists, SLP, Related Service Providers, Practitioners, Individuals with autism, Evaluation personnel
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Autism, Behavior and Discipline, Parents, Special Education
Online, On-Demand Recording

Registration Closes: 6/17/2024 4:00 pm
Sat. 6/22/2024 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Starts: 6/21/2024 3:00 pm
Ends: 8/25/2024 5:00 pm