Online! ECSE Work Stations: Fostering Independence in Young Children

 ***This course is online and self-directed,  the course is in canvas.

Do you feel like a broken record at times? Do you want your students to be able to work independently from you? Are you searching for effective strategies to increase this independence? This training is for YOU!

Come explore how visual systems, repeated practice, and graduated prompting help young children develop and maintain the ability to work on their own. The creation of work systems that answer the questions: "What and how much work needs to be done?" "When is the work completed?" and "What happens when I’m done?” are key to fostering learning in young children.

We will discuss concepts from the books, Building Independence: How to Create and Use Structured Work Systems by Susan Kabot and Activity Schedules for Children With Autism, Second Edition: Teaching Independent Behavior by Lynn E. McClannahan as well as local teacher resources based in established and emerging research.

All participants will receive 6 CEUs. Participants who work within the boundaries of Region 13 who meet grant requirements will receive both books and other materials after completion of the workshop.



PPCD teachers, Early Childhood Staff, elementary Life Skills
ECSE, Special Education, Autism, Differentiation, Early Childhood
2 - Instruction, T-TESS 3 - Learning Environment, T-TESS 2.4 - Instruction: Differentiation, T-TESS 3.1 - Learning Environment: Classroom Environment Routines and Procedures
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 6.00  
Registration Closes: 7/11/2022
Starts: 11/2/2021
Ends: 12/1/2022